Virtual Globes session at AAG

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Probably the best session I’ve attended here at AAG in Chicago was yesterday afternoon’s “Geography v2.0: Internet-based Virtual Globes”. The presenters included Dave Maguire, head developer at ESRI, and Tim McGrath of Microsoft. There were also 2 papers discussing the use of Google Earth in geography research. Dave’s talk focused on ArcGISExplorer, ESRI’s virtual globe. […]

Public Data Is the Future of Science Outreach

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Ogle Earth has an interesting little piece on a project called OBIS-SEAMAP. This project tracks marine mammal, seabird and sea turtle data around the world. The really intersting thing about the site is that they make the exact same data they use available to the general public for download. The more expert GIS users can […]

Can’t Decide What Free API to Use?

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Batch Geocoding Blog has a nice quick and dirty rundown of the differenences between Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and MapQuest’s APIs. They hit the highpoints of what each offers and fails to offer. Yahoo and MapQuest have some very nice features like geocoding and route-finding that Google doesn’t have. Of course, there’s like a billion […]

We missed the reception

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Yes, that is right.  Even though Sue made it to the Geography 2.0 session, we didn’t make it to the reception.  Instead we went to see Wicked, which we bought tickets for a while back.  I think this will be ok since we will be at the Dev Summit next week and I am sure […]