Pharos iGPS-500 – Engadget

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Along with the ultra portable announcements coming out of CeBit, Pharos has announced a new GPS receiverg  The iGPS 500 will be available in different varieties that include SD, CF and Bluetooth. Pharos iGPS-500 – Engadget

New Version of MapGuide Open Source

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Autodesk has announced a new version of what used to be Mapserver Enterprise – which was just Mapserver but then combined with Autodesk to be split into Mapserver and Mapserver Enterprise – but has now been renamed MapGuide Open Source (confused yet? I am!) This open source version is hosted by the Open Source Geospatial […]

Calls for Free Spatial Data in the UK

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The Gaurdian has started a campaign to get the UK to publically release spatial data collected with taxpayer money. For those of you unaware, in the UK you pay for publically funded data, which just hampers mapping efforts inside the UK. They’re calling on the British government to follow the US example. I’m sure this […]