OK, so I watch Everwood, but it is on hold while The WB shows this season’s Beauty and the Geek.  I am too lazy to delete the recording event on my DVR and this week I am glad I didn’t!  They had a challenge on the show where the ladies had to do navigate around LA using a set of street maps and with no help.  Funny stuff!  For those of you on the west coast…you should check it out.  This is definitely an example of how many people relate to Geography.

New Matrox external triplehead video adapter

Matrox put out a press release today on their new external triple head video adapter.  As I may have mentioned before, I am a fan of ‘the more monitors the better’ scenario.  I am very curious to see how well this supports 3D graphics since their current Parhelia series just can’t keep up with nVidia or ATI.  I hope that this adapter will give you the 3 monitor experience with the great graphics experience of the new consumer gaming video cards.  Time to look for some cash to one (and 3 monitors) for myself 🙂
New Matrox TripleHead 2Go upgrades systems to 3 monitors at a time

MASHUP Camp 2 Already Planned!

Apparently the MASHUP camp was so successful that they’re already planning a second camp! There’s over 300 people already signed up to the camp. So if you’re interested, I’d at least put my name on the lists ASAP since space appears to be semi-limited. They don’t see to know exactly where the camp will be held as of yet, however.