High-resolution DEMs in our backyard

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Glenn over at Anything Geospatial (nice new interface BTW) blogged about something in-house for us, so I figured we should mention it too…the West Virginia GIS Technical Center has made available 3m DEMs for WV that were derived as part of the State Address and Mapping project that has also provided us with high resolution […]


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MapMemo, as you might remember is the MacOS X only software that allows you to drag and drop system folders and web links onto a map (or any raster image). MapMemo has released a new version (2.5) and has distributed a press release on a new map archive to be used with their software. They […]

An Imaginary City in Detail

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This is kind of off the beat from normal geography stuff, but this guy in France who is 28 and is autistic has created a detailed city named Urville from his imagination. He has a detailed geography, culture, politics, history, and economics for the city, as well as a few hundred drawings of the city! […]

See a total solar eclipse “live” on your computer

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Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be a total or near-total solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of Europe, Africa, and South America (see this guide from MSNBC). For the rest of us, however, NASA and the Exploratorium will be offering a live satellite broadcast of the eclipse from Side, Turkey, starting at 5am Eastern […]

Quake 4 SDK

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Over the last few years the idea of serious games has come on to the scene as computer game technology has outstripped anything that can be created in a university or other research environment, it has even spawned its own conference (that I am going to try to attend this year). It is obvious that […]

First Annual Virtual Globes Scientific Users Conference

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We had a session devoted to Virtual Globes at the AAG Annual Meeting, and now there is going to be an entire conference sponsored by research centers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Arctic Region Supercomputing Center and the University of Colorado Boulder. The 2-day Virtual Globes Scientific Users Conference will focus specifically on the […]