[Off topic] good blues from a good man

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As you may have noted from the podcast music, I am determined to support my musician friends…this time I bring you the wonderful SlimFatz.  As with most of my music contacts, I met Slim playing at a coffee shop in undergrad in Boone, NC.  Sad to say the coffee shop is gone, but Slim is […]

Google Earth Changing the Way Scientists Collaborate

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A pretty interesting article in Nature.com talks about how free tools like Google Earth are changing the way scientists collaborate on projects. The best quote comes from Michael Goodchild when he says, “‘It’s like the effect of the personal computer in the 1970s, where previously there was quite an élite population of computer users,’ Goodchild […]

Identifying Ancient Maya sites with Remote Sensing

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Researchers at the University of New Hampshire, in conjunction with scientists at NASA, have been using remote sensing techniques to identify prehistoric Maya sites in Central America. The dense tropical rain forests in the region make the identification of sites from the air or on the ground very difficult. By analyzing high-resolution imagery and NASA’s […]