Coming of the sponsor

Before our first sponsorship kicks in tomorrow I just wanted to say a few things. The first is that I hope you all understand why we have decided to go the sponsorship route. We hope to make VerySpatial all it can be, from the site to the podcast and our planned sections that will appear over the next few months including forums, howto videocasts, and a feed devoted to our conference podcasts. Of course to get to the conferences we need to be able to get there and we like SWAG, we like to give away stuff, whether it is on the podcast and site or while we are out and about at conferences. For that we need to have a little cash flow and a little time off from our day jobs, the sponsorship helps with the first one at least 🙂

So, who is it that will be sponsoring us starting tomorrow? ESRI. They have already been great to us through our local relationship with Rick Lawson who visited us on GIS Day 2005, but we have expanded that relationship that will help us bring you great interviews in the future and probably some opportunities that we haven’t even thought of yet!