TERRA – a Video Podcast

TerraThis video podcast is just amazing. The content is varied and easily rivals established documentary series. As far as I can tell from my quick glance after watching the episode on dendrochronology, the project is out of Montana State University’s Science and Natural History Filmmaking program and is taking advantage of some NSF funding.

From what I have seen so far, the production value is great and the content is engaging, and I am excited to watch the back log of exisiting episodes to get caught up. Definitely check it out if you get a chance! As always, it is available via direct download and iTunes and other RSS subscription tools.

TERRA:A the nature of our world

Intergraph 2006 – International Users Conference

This year Intergraph has decided to roll its user conferences together under one name and time.  Intergraph 2006 will be taking place in Orlando, June 12-15.  My question here is whether or not to the GIS portions of the conference will be minimized in this new format.   As we know, there was a significant response to a less than exciting quarterly report recently and there is a changing of the guard in the SGI division…where will this leave GeoMedia and its related toys in IUC2006?
Intergraph 2006 – International Users Conference

“Million Dollar Blocks” mapping project

The Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University has been working with the Justice Mapping Center to map the phenomenon of “million dollar blocks” in US cities. These are US Census Blocks where the cost of incarcerating the residents of that block who are in prison is $1 million or more. The aim of the project is use mapping and spatial analysis to try to understand the phenomenon and offer insight that can be applied to real life policy initiatives.
Via We Make Money Not Art