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Maps for illegal immigration

A Mexican government funded commission is moving to distribute 70,000 maps to aid people trying to cross into the US. They will feature water cache locations, show transportation routes, and locations of rescue beacons. Although I’m not an expert, this is one of the first instances I’ve heard of a government using mapping to help people leave its own country. CNN has the details

From Jesse:  A map of Arizona!

2 thoughts on “Maps for illegal immigration

  1. this is crazy! why do we allow this? why are we letting people come into this country illegally?

  2. “We” aren’t allowing this. It’s also not crazy: Mexico doesn’t want its citizens to die in the desert. (It’s also in Mexico’s interests to get as many immigrants into the U.S. as possible, where, once established, they send money home, so, again, hardly “crazy.”)

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