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Two new mainstream media audio programs leaped onto the scene today. OnPoint, an NPR program, hosted a program titled The Geospatial Web that covered the ubiquitousness of geospatial technologies, much of it mentioned on this weeks podcast and some that is planned for this weekends podcast when we look at Peter Morville’s Ambient Findability. BBC4’s Shop Talk also discuss Digital Mapping and Tracking which includes another group of geospatial technology experts.

Both of these programs can be listened to online on their respective websites and OnPoint can be downloaded as an mp3 from the iTunes podcast directory.
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2 thoughts on “Audio from the mainstream

  1. My response to the OnPoint program is this…why was he determined to push these spatial technology experts to discuss the policy of ubiquitous information? I know, it is his thing…but let the quests shine, he cut off a few good directions that I would have liked to have heard play out.

  2. My opine on the Shop Talk episode is that it was too short. It was a good conversation and you can never go wrong with a bunch of smart europeans.

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