A VerySpatial Listener Survey

SurveyIn our search for power and glory, we have waited 1/2 year to formally ask you what you think. We are using a third party survey hosted by Podtrac to get to know you and your opinion of avsp. We know your numbers and we know some of you personally, but now we want to turn you all into statistics 🙂 If you have 5 mintes, please fill out the survey.

Why are we doing this? Well, we are going to try to find some sponsors for the podcast and site in order to help us make it to some the conferences we hope to go to this year and to defray the costs of creating and hosting the podcast…and to buy cooler prizes for future contests. We have no plans to actually make money off of VerySpatial, just go to cool places, meet great people such as yourselves, andanything left over will go back into the podcast.

We, of course, will only receive aggregate information. There is a form at the end of the survey that asks for your name, but that has nothing to do with the survey so just ignote it.

One thought on “A VerySpatial Listener Survey

  1. It is confusing when the survey asks whether or not commercial product placement in important or not. It’s very important to me, but it’s very important to me that there is -no- product placement within the podcast! Of course, I’m not referring to reviews and news about products.

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