Global Warming debate shifts to “tipping point”

An article from the Washington Post online edition (free registration required) argues that, now that most scientists agree that human activity is causing global warming, the debate is now beginning to focus on the ‘tipping point’ or point of no return when we can no longer reverse the changes that are taking place. Determining when such a point may occur given the current rate of warming will be essential in figuring out what the necessary reduction in greenhouse gases will need to be to prevent the catastrophic outcome of unchecked global warming.


Step-By-StepTutorial: Open Source Web GIS

mapz posted a link to an article titled “Web GIS in practice IV: publishing your health maps and connecting to remote WMS sources using the Open Source UMN MapServer and DM Solutions MapLab“, that  comes complete with a tutorial.  The tutorial is a 14 page document that walks you through downloading the software, installing on a windows box, and getting a demo running.  Complete with lots of graphics and links to open source web mapping software.
mapz: a gis librarian: Step-By-StepTutorial: Open Source Web GIS