Wow….now you, too, can feel like Godzilla!

RFID floorCheck out this entry from the RFID in Japan blog. They have created an exhibition with a giant aerial photo of the city on the floor, with over 7000 RFID tags embedded in the floor beneath the photo. As you move the portable information display around the photo (they plan to add PDA-based support soon), the display gives you historical and cultural information about the position on the photo. I have to say, this is just cool……

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Why you should clearly mark your geocache!

This story on CNN demostrates why you need to clearly mark a geocache as such. From the article, “In June, a bomb squad in De Pere, Wisconsin, used a robot-mounted shotgun to blast the lid off a suspicious-looking military ammunition box found in a park. It also turned out to be a geocache.” It’s a little bit funny, but also a tad scary. So paint a big red ‘geocache’ on your geocache boxes!

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