NASA’s Aura Satellite Mission

Although Landsat is NASA’s most well-known satellite program, other missions are providing a wealth of information about our Earth. Aura, a satellite which was launched July 15, 2004, collects data that are used for studying the composition, chemistry and dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere, including ozone levels, air quality, and climate. At the recent American Geophysical Union conference, maps based on Aura data were presented showing the levels of Nitrogen Oxide (a precursor to ozone formation) in the eastern US.

NASA’s Aura mission website and Earth Observing System website

Via Chemical & Engineering News

AVSP Contest #2

As we announced in Episode 21, avsp Contest #2 is now underway. What you have to do is send the answers to the three questions below to by January 12, 2006. Eveyone who answers the three questions correctly will be included in the drawing that will take place on January 14, 2006. Winners will be announced on avsp Episode 26, our half year episode!

The questions:

    1) Which US research satellite was recently encountering technical difficulties?
    2) What web-based mapping project seeks to redefine geographical boundaries of the US based on peoples perceptions as opposed to the existing state or county boundaries?
    3) What is the phrase Sue coined in episode 19 for the new Web 2.0 mapping interfaces?

Please include your name in the email. We will contact the winners for their mailing address after the drawing. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM PST January 12, 2006 to be eligible. Only one entry per person.