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European Space Agengy’s Forest Mapping project

The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a mapping service called Kyoto-Inventory which utilizes satelllite imagery to assist in annual reporting on afforestation, refforestation, and deforestation as part of the Kyoto Protocol, which is an initiative to reduce greenhouse gases. Kyoto-Inventory was a 3-year demonstration project, and will now continue as part of a larger project called GSE-Forest monitoring. The mapping service uses satellite imagery from ERS, Landsat and SPOT to generate forest maps and monitor land cover change.

You can read about the Kyoto-Inventory forest mapping project on the ESA website

2 thoughts on “European Space Agengy’s Forest Mapping project

  1. This is interesting work. I think the CRYOSAT satellite that was recently launched, and which failed, was going to become an integral part of this work.

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