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I am skipping out on sessions right now, but I will head back in a few. Salt Lake City is still a nice town (I was here in March for the NRCS cultural resource specialists meeting). The conference seems a little smaller than I expected since it is three groups at one conference. I am […]


Online mapping from the data gatherers’ perspective

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I just finished an article on by Elinor Mills that poses the all-important question – why are the route directions and locations often inaccurate. She posed this question to a TeleAtlas (a major data provider) executive, Michael Mitsock, and received this response – “It could be that the map is out of synch with […]


Goin’ Mobile!

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Google local is going mobile! You can now download google maps to your cellphone, if you’ve got the right service. And phone. And location. And are willing to shell the clams for it. A rather hefty premium to step onto the location based service monorail to the future, if you ask me. But it’s still […]