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widgetThe writing frenzy has ended for now, so on to the promised widget. The widget is for use with Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widgets (which must be installed before trying to use this widget). The WebMap widget allows you to search on an address to find a location and choose from existing map services, or a custom map service that you provide (widget preferences are accessed through a right click on the interface). The interface is very minimalistic with buttons to control pan and zoom functionality (for full details please read the README included). While this was my brain child, most of the work was done by Nate and Andrew (right click and choose about). This is the opening salvo, but there are more ideas waiting to be implemented.

Let me know what you think. Also, to find more OGC compliant WebMapServices to use in the widget head over to Mapdex to search.

Download WebMap widget

3 thoughts on “WebMap widget

  1. This webmap widget is so popular 5 years ago. All you have to do is type in the address you are coming from and the exact address of your destination then a map will shoe up in your screen that shows a long arrow which represents you current location or address to the place you want to go. But now, its all about GPS. It is so portable and it can help you guide where you’re going by saying where to turn whether its left or right.

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