GPS: The Movie

On the lighter side today, there is finally vindication for anyone jealous over physical geography getting all the good movie plots (The Day After Tomorrow anyone?)…

It’s GPS! The Movie!.

Plot (no pun intended) summary: A group of adventure seeking college kids embark on a GPS treasure hunt in the Northwest wilderness. They are led to believe they will find two million dollars in cash. When they arrive at the treasure location they find what appears to be a grave.


One thought on “GPS: The Movie

  1. I read about this movie at a fansite for American actor DJ Perry. The trailer looks good and I can’t wait to see it. I was a Civil War nut and so found a film Wicked Spring playing UK TV. Since I’ve seen Dean Teaster’s GHost Town (Good), Judges (Very good) and The 8th Plague (Pretty good but way gory)…
    I will check out GPS for sure.

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