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BBC NEWS | Amazon damage ‘worse than feared’

The BBC news reports on a study conducted in the Brazilian Amazon by Brazilian and US researchers. While it is limited in details. the article discusses the use of different remote sensing techniques than have been used to calculate deforested areas to date. If anyone knows the journal article this is from please share in the comments.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Amazon damage ‘worse than feared’

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  1. The reference is to Science, which is a member only publication. Here’s the article reference for those who are AAAS members. (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

    I am aware of a company in the US that partnered with NASA for tools to identify specific species of trees via remote sensing. See: That company, Falcon Informatics, links to this brief on its NASA work:

    I’m not sure it’s the technology being referenced, but it sounds related.

  2. Falcon Informatics actually is the correct reference. We have done significant projects (5MM acres and up) and have investigted illegal logging in Indonesia with the resulting arrests caused by our weekly reconassiance.
    If you wish to know more,
    please email me. I am the founder.

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