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Clouds on Google Maps

OK, it is late I probably shouldn’t blog just before sleep, but I figured I would forget this link in the morning. The Digg submission linked below is a person who found clouds on the aerial imagery when they were on Google Maps. They don’t say whether they think this is good or bad, but being sleepy I am going to assume they were incredulous at the least. My problem with this? One contracts for US government agencies the company flying the data is required to have the images be 85-90% cloud free for an acceptable product…satellite imagery, you hope for 60-70% cloud free if you are looking for something in a certain time range (if you aren’t picky about when it is usually easier to find cloud free data). So a couple of clouds in a commercial product that has little to no orthorectification (though pretty good georectification) isn’t something I would find note worthy.

Well that isn’t true, it gave me a chance to share you lovely people why a cloud isn’t a big deal.

So follow the link to see the cloud (it is quite a nice cloud in fact). Clouds on Google Maps

One thought on “Clouds on Google Maps

  1. While that person’s objection isn’t a big deal, I would say clouds obscuring the entire area IS a very big deal. Especially when it covers property one has recently purchased and is interested in the parcel next door.

    My new house should be about in the center of this image:,+Chile&sll=55.865958,-4.263405&sspn=0.01953,0.066047&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Coihaique,+Chile&ll=-45.585047,-72.113507&spn=0.012179,0.033023&t=h&z=16

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