Hurricane Katrina

There are numerous blogs, websites, and other Internet resources on Hurrican Katrina, so I can only mention a couple. The devastation is unbelievable, and our thoughts are certainly with all the people who are trying to cope with the aftermath, but it underscores how important an understanding of geography and our environment is, as has been pointed out many times in the case of New Orleans. Here are a couple of links to some of the many resources out there, including uses of Google Earth to provide locational information on levee breaches.

ESRI is providing GIS assistance for organizations, with information available at

Here are a couple of links to uses of Google Earth to map aspects of the disaster

(via The Map Room)

These are still images of Google Earth output:

And finally, if you’d like to help the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund:

Geography for Travelers

Alan Lews is a professor at Northern Arizona University who has a Geography podcast entitled Geography for Travelers. He has beaten us to two things. First, he posted his first file a few hours before we did. Second, he is using his podcast to support his educational endeavours. We won’t have our first classroom episode out for at least a month. Color me green my friends for I am envious.

Dr Lew will be teaching Regional Geography of Tourism and Recreation using the podcast this semester. The first class is already up and I am looking forward to the rest of the semester (who would have thought that I would miss classes while I am working on the dissertation…go figure).

Check out the show notes and podcast at Geography for Travelers